Friday, December 26, 2003
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BlogChalking Reverse!
A hobo-language for bloggers!
First, we used offline signs to map the online environment. Why not do the reverse? BlogChalking Reverse is about using our online blogography to spread web signs over the world. See how to do it.
Sunday, November 30, 2003
  Feedroll...freshly rolled news feeds for your site Feedroll...freshly rolled news feeds for your site: "Feedroll...freshly rolled news feeds for your site (beta)

Nearly 700 feeds are being syndicated now, and the number is growing daily, so I am thinking about introducing a new paid version (ad-free with more features), much like the Blogrolling model... " Home Home: "What is is a collaborative event calendar, completely driven by people like you. Enter in the events you're attending, comment on events entered by others, and syndicate event listings to your own weblog.

As learns more about the events you enjoy, it will suggest new events you never would have heard about. " 
  Meetup: Organizing local interest groups. Meetup: Organizing local interest groups.: "What?Meetup is a free service that organizes local gatherings about anything, anywhere.
Who?853,199 people have already signed up for Meetups about 2,568 topics.
Where?Meetups happen at local cafes (and other places) in 604 cities across 45 countries.
Why?Because there are people like you in your town.
How?Find your topic, sign up, show up! That's it." 
  FoRK Archive: [TheStandard] OpenCola, drink it down, and kick t FoRK Archive: [TheStandard] OpenCola, drink it down, and kick t: "How do *I* find the stuff you don't know you don't know? Through my
buddies, not through the clicks of a bunch of anonymous monkeys surfing in
their Web browsers. " 
  Erik Benson's Weblog: Morale-o-Meter Erik Benson's Weblog: Morale-o-Meter: "I've created here a very simple mechanism for me to record links that have affected me (positively or negatively), for my own amusement. I've basically got two bookmarklets in my browser ( and -) that, if clicked, pull the current page's link and title into two text fields that I can modify and submit quickly (almost without thinking). Partially inspired by Anil [b]'s link sidebar. "

Test drive (password: abcd)  
Sunday, November 23, 2003
  Stumble Upon toolbar: The cool web site finder Stumble Upon toolbar

StumbleUpon shows you websites which your friends and peers suggest – great pages you can't find with a search engine.

des canadiens qui existent depuis 2 ans.

Nov 23, 2003

76,968 members
241,997 websites
2,954,642 stumbles

Thursday, November 13, 2003
  BlogSig :: Spam Proof Contact Info for your Blog :: A FuzzyGroup Production by Scott Johnson and Gretchen Cahaly blogsig

converts text to image and thus let you display email addresses or urls without fear of spambots.

  Weblogs Compendium - Blog Tools Weblogs Compendium - Blog Tools

about 150 links to various blog software and services! 
  Instant Gratification - Get an IM when your site is visited Instant Gratification - Get an IM when your site is visited

Lumberjack will help you answer questions that are can't be answed with a simple page counter; questions like:

Who sends me the most traffic?
What are the paths people take to, and through, my site?
Where am I scoring highest on Google searches?
Which of my blog entries do other people find most interesting?
=> Each time someone visits one of these pages a log entry will be added to a logfile stored on this server. You can come here and download the logs whenever you like. Run these logs through any analysis program that supports the "Combined Log" format (used by most Apache servers).

+ Visitor Notification Via AIM
+ Blocking Notification When You Visit Your Own Blog

+ some links ...

Blog Change Bot
A slick service by Ben Hosken that lets your blog readers sign up to receive IM notifications whenever you update your blog.

Zonk Board
It's a sorta graffiti wall or message board for your blog.

An application that lets you write a blog from your phone. A nice add-on if you're already receiving Instant Gratification IMs on your GPRS phone.

Add a chat room to your blog. Free and commercial versions.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003
  fonctionnalité de referer people came here from:
  blojsim - index blojsim - index: "An add-on for the amazingly cool blojsom that allows you to make blog entries remotly via instant message (Jabber, AIM or MSN IM). Additionaly, support for posting via email (POP3 and IMAP) is in the works." 
  In My Experience... | 3rd party Blog services starting to proliferate. (431) In My Experience... | 3rd party Blog services starting to proliferate. (431): "3rd party Blog services starting to proliferate.
[ Posted by Dan on August 05, 2002 | 0 Comments | 0 TrackBack | TB URL ]

Blogs are gaining momentum enough to be uncool to the likes of the WebDesign list (I'd link to a thread bashing blogs if I could). But for those who don't wear sun glasses at night, there's a couple new blog services available out there...
If you are reading this blog then you probably already know about Blogtree since it's been linked from just about everywhere. But it bears mentioning again since it's a neat idea and contributes to 'community' aspect of blogging. The basics are that it's a genealogy tool for weblogs (as in, what blogs spawned new blogs).
' is the home of a centralized SOAP-based Web service that aims to make connections between sites all over the web. Tangent will integrate with the content management tool you use to manage your site, and automatically contribute and retrieve content from a central server that will create links between pieces of content based on text searching and your preferences.' " 
  comparaison des fonctionnalités principales de blogs et leur liste compare blog services

Pay By Credit Card
Pay By Paypal
Pay By Cash
Pay By Cheque
Search Archieve
View Archieve link from home page
Can make it private
Edit Options
Account Information
Make this account public
Help/ Faq/ Forum
Store images
Own Domain Name
email alert
Posting via email
  Rainjul launches Polywogg blog services | MacNN News

video blog for mac.

Rainjul launches Polywogg blog services | MacNN News
: "This first release of Polywogg is packed with innovative features, many never before seen on any journal service, such as video blogging with Apple's iSight camera and comprehensive desktop web client application support" 
  H:b - Links : Blog Services H:b - Links : Blog Services

une 20taine de services pour blogs:

Blog Patrol
Free website stats and tracking especially useful to hosted bloggers and those without a lot of tech savvy.

Blog Philosopher
View blogs by geographic location and add your own.

Blog Search
The blog Search Engine is a web search resource for finding weblogs. Search for blogs of all kinds.

An initiative to create a searchable index of blogs based on location and interests.

A weblog portal for weblogs. Submit your site and view others by rating or freshness.

BlogLinker is a free tool to manage your web links on your blog/website and to dramatically increase traffic to your site. It can be embedded anywhere in your web page and can be easily configured to fit the existing design of your site.

Various blogging tools and services, including RSS feeds and maps.

BlogShares is a simulated, fantasy stock market for weblogs where players invest fictional money to buy stocks and bonds in an artificial economy where attention is the commodity and weblogs are the companies.

Text Ad Exchange service for webloggers. Allows you to promote your site in a clean, non obtrusive manner.

The be-all-end-all blogging community, reference, rss feed, blah blah blah, service. Submit your site, find other blogs of a similar nature, and many more services designed to truly integrate your blog within the culture.

A site bringing you a collection of categorized blogs from around the world. Submit your site...

Another blog search aggregator... get your blog's rss indexed for searches on this site.

Globe of Blogs
Pretty self-explanatory... a global listing of blogs.

HOT Blogs
The people that brought you that inane "am I hot or not" service now have one for weblogs. Venture forth, if you dare.

Links to a variety of blogs, including blog rankings, and sites offering help with blog setup.

THE blog of all blogs. A single site consisting of thousands of members posting to their heart's content. Not really a service, but a good place to get your name known in the blogging community.

An easy to use, free, bannerless blogging solution. Pretty nice setup.

The Truth Laid Bear
The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem is an application which scans weblogs once daily and generates a list of weblogs ranked by the number of incoming links they receive from other weblogs on the list.
  Blogstyles Blogstyles: "Have you ever wanted a basic design for your blog or journal, without all of the hassle of uploading tons of graphics? We've got some great simple styles here that will make your blog classy and decorated, just like that!

We are aiming to have options for as many of the journaling programs as we can. Our current templates have cut and paste templates for Movable Type and Blogger/Blogspot. In addition, the templates could be modified for Greymatter, pMachine, b2, or any other blogging program, as well as hand-coded journals. " 
Sunday, November 09, 2003
  BlogSnob - The better, faster way to publicize your personal site BlogSnob - The better, faster way to publicize your personal site: "Traversal: That's a jump of 6 or more sites. For Example, you go to, then from there you click on the blogsnob ad and you go to, and so on till you cover six sites. You can then write about them (in the forums or in your own blog or both) "

There are more than 800 sites in BlogSnob.

=> un réseau de pubs text un peu comme linkExchange associée à un 'jeu', cad après 6 clics de pub tu peux écrire un commentaire sur ce que tu as découvert, etc. durant ta visite des 6 blogs.
Friday, November 07, 2003
  Feedster :: RSS Search Engine Feedster :: RSS Search Engine: "Find new feeds using the More Blogs Like This which tells you what blog are similar to your blog and might be interesting to you. Please note that this was originally called the 'BlogConnector'.
Find feeds for a site on the internet (over 215,000 different feeds available) " - l'actualite des blogs - l'actualite des blogs: "Longhorn incluera RSS
Cela est d?sormais confirm?, le futur OS de Microsoft, Longhorn, comportera de fa?on native la possibilit? de traiter les flux RSS. Ces derniers seront directement int?gr?s dans une sidebar de l'interface graphique.
Ce point a ?t? ?voqu? cette semaine dans une conf?rence officielle. Comme le souligne ce post sur Weblogsinc, la nouvelle est de nature ? inqui?ter les ?diteurs d'agr?gateurs RSS, qui sont d?j? pl?thore..." - l'actualite des blogs - l'actualite des blogs: "Les communiqu?s de presse en RSS
Dan Gillmor souligne dans ce post l'int?r?t croissant des entreprises pour RSS comme nouveau moyen de diffusion de leurs communiqu?s de presse.
Un commentaire indique une solution r?cente tr?s int?ressante, OnePress, propos?e par la soci?t? fe77. Cette derni?re intervient comme un interm?diaire, sur le mod?le 'Application Service Provider' : les entreprises lui envoient leurs communiqu?s, et fe77 les agr?ge et les transforme en flux RSS. Les journalistes n'ont plus qu'? s'abonner aux fils qui les int?ressent pour ?tre inform?s en temps r?el, et aller chercher les communiqu?s. Le service est payant pour les entreprises, mais a l'avantage de ne pas n?cessiter de modification du syst?me d'information pour g?n?rer du RSS.
Une utilisation pour le moins naturelle de RSS, qui devrait se g?n?raliser..." 
  Recherche Google: "commentaires des blogs" - l'actualite des blogs:

... Wired a publié hier un résumé, expliquant notamment que les commentaires des blogs
(en particulier ceux publiés avec MovableType) sont la cible des spammers ...  
  BLOGGER - Knowledge Base BLOGGER - Knowledge Base:How do I upload images?
Answer: This feature will only work if you are publishing via FTP (Blog*Spot Plus or external hosting). It is not available if you are a Blog*Spot Free user.

l'upload d'image n'est pas permis aux souscripteurs gratuits sur mais ce serait pourtant possible via un service externe ... 
  BLOGGER - Knowledge Base Comments systems as hosted services:

Tous les services proposés ci-dessous permettent l'installation d'un service de commentaires pour ton blog. Ils sont tous gratuits et acceptent des dons (paypal). Certains ont connus des problèmes de disponibilité due à leur isp ou à la surconsommation d'espace disque.

BlogSpeak is a FREE remote commenting system for Blogger based weblogs. It gives those without the option to upload their own files (Blog*Spot) or access to scripting languages (PHP, ASP, etc.) the ability to add commenting to their weblogs without the need to upgrade their current service. All that is needed to use BlogSpeak is to insert two simple pieces of code into your Blogger template.
3,431 Users And Growing
108,011 Total Comments Posted

HaloScan provides a free, easy to use commenting system for web logs and websites, allowing visitors to leave instant feedback.
51,776 members

YACCS is a free service that allows you to place a comments section on your weblog. Available in 15 languages.
27,941 users
6,514,568 comments posted since 12/23/01

Funcionará com o
Finalmente esta terá como montar templates customizados.
Terá como ser notificado por e-mail caso o seu post seja comentado.
Filtro de palavras indesejadas.
Opção do blogueiro receber por e-mail cada post.
1750 blogueiros cadastrados.
Mais de 60 mil posts.

no members infos.

already announced somewhere here below.

comments box that pops up when users click on the comments link in your blog.
610 Blogs served.
6815 Comments served.
commentaires des blogs

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